NAS has developed the capability to provide full repair and overhaul services for cockpit and slider windows. Our capabilities extend over several aircraft platforms that include Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier, and Fokker. Capabilities include full inspection, repair, and overhaul as per OEM specifications.

This capability adds to our “One Stop Shop” mantra at NAS. As a premier repair station for window repairs, NAS strives to provide quality service, fast turn times, and cost savings for its vendors.

Experienced Team

Our highly trained and experienced staff is able to perform all work scopes from pane replacement to electrical testing. Each window is thoroughly disassembled and inspected in order to assure a proper evaluation is performed.

Our staff adheres strictly to maintenance directives in order to assure that flight safety has not been compromised during the repair procedures of these units. In addition, our team is qualified to perform any airworthiness directives, service bulletins, engineering orders, or specific engineering directives instructed by the customer.

Our Patented Processes

NAS MRO Services has developed patented processes that enable the repair and overhaul of transparencies that exceed limitations set forth by OEM Technical Standards. The patented processes include repair procedures for de-laminations, bus bar repairs, and replacing sensors.

The main objective of these patented process repairs is to provide a cost effective alternative for our customers. In many cases vendors are forced to declare units beyond economical repair (BER) and purchase factory new transparencies. NAS patented repair processes ensure, through DER approval, that these transparencies are repaired without compromising quality.

Superior Service You Can Trust

NAS has positioned itself as a key service provider in the repair and overhaul of transparencies for the aviation market. In addition to providing repairs within OEM Technical Standards, the ability to provide an alternative repair solution for units beyond limits enables NAS to provide a superior service to the consumers of the transparencies market in the aviation industry.

Count on NAS to be your go to repair facility for all of your windows and transparencies repair requirements.

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